Articles That I’ve Written That I’m Relatively Proud Of.

As the title suggests, here’s a collection of articles that I’ve written that I’m proud of, there’s a few missing (The first article I ever wrote isn’t online in any capacity which is a shame, I’m still quite amused by my review of Resident Evil: Afterlife, oh wells).

Mixtape: Songs to get nailed to, I heard that the Otwo (Otwo is the culture supplement for the University Observer) eds were planning on running Mixtape: Songs to get laid to, a sort of spiritual successor to Grace Murphy’s Shuffle: Songs to get off to. I jokingly suggested that I could do it using only Nine Inch Nails songs, and for some reason they let me write the article! Probably my first and last success at writing colour for the Observer, but I enjoyed it, took fucking ages!

Interviews (Not a full list, just my favourites):

The first artist I ever interviewed was with Axwell from Swedish House Mafia, which was a little surreal to say the least. I had no idea who they were at the time, I think ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ had come out the day before. That was pretty cool anyway.

Next was Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, that was pretty cool despite never really being a fan of the band. Madden was an absolute gent which made it considerably easier to breeze my way through the interview without having a clue about GC’s output from the last 4/5 years.

I got a fairly nonchalant email while in a lecture asking me did I want to interview Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance, I somehow managed not to shriek during the data structures lecture… MCR are unashamedly my favourite band, there were no words for this.

The first time I ever went to meet a band was when I interviewed The Blackout in a seriously plush penthouse the night after they supported MCR in Dublin. They were hilariously good craic to interview, really enjoyed it.

Rob Rolfe from Enter Shikari was a really cool interview, I’m a big fan of the band and it was pretty cool to hear about an album I was looking forward to from one of the band members.

Myself and the music editor were chatting about sneaking some metal into Otwo, and we jokingly arrived at the conclusion that we should try and get an interview with Napalm Death. That ended up being easier than we thought and I got to chat with Barney Greenway about being in one of the most influential extreme metal bands effectively ever. That was fucking boss.


The paper comes out fortnightly, so gig reviews are something that tend not to be a staple in the print edition. Myself and Aoife Valentine went to the Choice Music Prize Show which was pretty cool, got to see a rake of Irish bands play a few songs.


Before I became science editor I had never really written for science before. First thing I did was pretend I know something about genetics and propagated some awful awful puns in an article about glow in the dark cats. As soon as the neutrino experiment results in CERN came out last year, I jumped on that bandwagon and pretend I knew something about particle physics, the article generated a surprising amount of traffic to the site. When the Nobel Prize Winners for 2011 were announced I wrote a kinda summary piece about the three science prizes. The month Steve Jobs died, most media sources were allover his passing but Dennis Ritchie and John McCarthy’s deaths were sadly overlooked, so I wrote a sort of obituary article talking about the three of them. One weekend an article fell through so I had to come up with something very quickly so, I elected to write about one of least favourite buzzwords Cloud Computing, replete with an awful, awful pun. During an awfully slow week for science news I wrote about the future of international space exploration. I wrote a piece about genetically altered ‘spider goats’ a little while ago, but it’s not online at the moment, as soon as it goes up I’ll edit this.


An Introduction of Sorts

I’ve written too many of these posts for my liking.

Compressing all the details people* might actually want to know about me into once concise blog entry is oddly difficult.

In short:

I’m generally called Conor. Conor Kevin is also acceptable, but a bit of a mouthful. CK will do, although you will never hear me refer to myself as CK, people who propagate their own nicknames are the worst kind of human being, I could tell you about an acquaintance who dubbed himself ‘Fingers’, but I’m not sure intro posts are a place for such vitriol. I don’t like being identified by my surname, addressing me as O’Nolan will be met with an icy stare. Concatenating ‘con’ with anything will net you a slap per infringement and puns relating to my name will result in a swift punch to the testes/ovaries.

I’m studying Computer Science in UCD, I’m in my third year in the college, but I have two more left, it’s a long story. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about my course. I like programming, I like a good deal of the more ‘pure’ computer science stuff I’ve studied and I love UCD. I’d imagine whatever problems I have deal with in how my course is administered, but discussing that is something I probably shouldn’t attach my name to for fear of incurring the wrath of a few of my lecturers. I might write about that, we’ll see…

I’m the Science and Health Editor for The University Observer, which is probably more interesting than anything I’m likely to discuss regarding my college course. I’ll compile a list of a few articles I’m remotely proud of in a post in the next few days, I’ve interviewed a few cool bands, reviewed a few films and written about some vaguely interesting pop-sciencey things.

I like music an awful lot, I’ll almost certainly write more posts than people will ever care to read about what I listen to. I acquired a Kindle recently which has lead to me finally reading a good bit more than I used to, again I’ll likely blog about that at some point.

That is all for the moment, expect an actual blog within a day or so.

If for some unknown reason you want to find me elsewhere on the internet, I have a more programming orientated blog taking babysteps here and a tumblr here. Neither are especially interesting and both need a bit of a revamp, but there you go.

*The millions and millions of people who will invariably read it, I am narcissistic enough to be sure of its mind boggling success in the blog world. I will be offered book deals, asked to write screen plays and a column in a fancy newspaper** that doesn’t exist at the moment because most newspapers are fairly shite***, and then one day someone will take the adoration a little too far and offer me one of those tiny horses that constantly shit and I will be duty bound to accept the hideous thing despite my disgust. Woe is me.

**The Anglo Celt would do if pressed for a newspaper in existence.

***Except you The Guardian, hire me plz.